About Roland Laurense
Hi. I’m Roland Laurense. 

I’m an entrepreneur from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and a tennis professional since 1997. 

After working at different tennis clubs and academies in the Netherlands and the USA between 1995 and 2005, I started my successful tennis academy in 2005 at the age of 28.    

I was always looking for ways to run my tennis business better and improve the way I could work with players, coaches, and parents. 

As a tennis academy owner and tennis professional, I was missing the right tennis software to manage every aspect of my business the way I wanted. I tried all kinds of software products for management, planning, coaching, and player development, even fitness software, but nothing came even close to what I was looking for.  

Eventually, I made the big decision to start my own software company with the name: Tennline. I hired a team of 7 software developers and started developing new, specialized software.  

After many years of developing, testing, and using the software with more than 2500 active users, I’m ready to share this unique TENNLINE all-in smart tennis management & development software with the rest of the tennis world. 

My goal is to help other tennis professionals with Tennline all-in smart tennispro management & development software, so they can manage their business better, more efficient and with ease and save them lots of time and money. 
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