6 beliefs tennis club owners first have to break if they want to grow their tennis club with 6 figures. #1
Written by Roland Laurense on  jun. 15th 2020
The first believe that tennis club owners should break
1) Twice a year, a recruitment event to get new customers is enough. 

First of all, it is very good when member recruitment events are organized. However, what we often see is that there is no policy to ensure that new members join the club on a daily basis. A strategic plan is also in place so that many interested parties can become customers. Tennis club owners who want to grow provide an approach that has been proven to bring new clients every day and not just twice a year. 

The second believe that tennis club owners should break: 
2) We can't grow that much anymore

If we grow a lot, our customers will no longer be able to play. They're not going to like this. We're already pretty full. The investments to grow never pay for themselves. These are all excuses that prevent the tennis club from progressing, and when there is a setback in the market, these are the clubs that get the most significant blows. There is always room for growth and improvement. Every tennis club can grow enormously in quality, but also turnover. Especially if you already have many customers and have good revenue, there are opportunities to realize growth quickly. One of the options is to do this by using your current customers as your ambassadors and fans. 

 The third believe that tennis club owners should break:
3) Everybody has to join as a member, or it's no use to us.

Many tennis club owners sell memberships. They often believe that they should only sell memberships because otherwise, they don't earn anything. However, what is important to realize is that you also have customers who will not immediately become a member. You can keep these clients on board and you can also facilitate these clients by offering them job rentals or events they can participate in. In this way, they get to know your club and in the end, many decisions will be made to join and take more. 

The fourth believe tennis club owners should break: 
4) Our marketing website is great. We don't need to change this! 

Most tennis clubs have great looking websites. The only problem is that these great looking marketing websites are not generating income. They generate a lot of work. Why? First of all the website is not automatically updated every day. So you cannot find the right up-to-date prices and available spots on the website. Customers are missing information and this causes them to e-mail or calls you. Some tennis businesses work with websites that make it possible to sign in for a lesson or program online. The problem with this is that it's not automated. You still have to plan this player and send a confirmation and invoice by hand. So what you need is not a marketing website, you need a sales website. A great sales website is also connected with the back-end agenda, your financial system, the coaches' agenda, facility agenda, and your communication system and it is able to show the customer the available spots, coaches, courts, and the right prices. This way the customer knows exactly who or what is available when it starts and the customer can book and pay right away. Because this booking is connected, the customer gets an automated e-mail with confirmation. The customer gets a personal account, the booking is in the manager’s and coach’s agenda, the payment is received and the invoice is in the financial system. All automated from website, booking, agenda, communication to finance. If you still work with a marketing website it's time to change to a sales website with automation. 

The fifth believe tennis club owners should break : 
5) customers don't want to pay in advance when they make a booking or reservation. 

I see it happen all the time. Tennis businesses are suffering because players don't pay at all or pay way too late. Customers who don't show up, cancel their bookings, or refuse to pay. Why should you not ask for payment in advance? Good, reliable customers won’t have a problem with paying in advance. so why wait? Make sure you have a sales website with an online payment system that accepts all payment options in the world like credit cards, iDEAL (Europe), and many more.

The sixth believe club owners should break : 
6) We can't, and Customers don't want that. 

The worst attitude and belief you can have is this one. Customers don't want to play at that time; customers don't want to pay more, customers don't like it if we change. Etc. All these beliefs about what customers do and do not want limits you as a tennis club owner tremendously. Because of this small thinking, you see no possibilities to grow. Just to change your perspective. Why are clients at IMG Academy and NADAL Academy and Sanchez Casal Academy willing to pay $70,000 a year for a tennis program? Your situation is different; I understand that. So what do you believe is possible for your situation in terms of growth? Think big and believe you can make it happen because a lot is possible.  

Roland Laurense 

Roland Laurense Shares His 25 Years Of Experience In The Tennis World To Help Other Owners Grow Their Tennis Club By 6 Figures Through His 8-Week Coaching Program. 
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