5 key success factors to grow your tennis club with 100k or more  #3
Written by Roland Laurense  on jun . 17 th 2020
We know there are many different types of tennis clubs and club formulas. From public clubs to private tennis clubs and from country clubs to all-in formulas with tennis, fitness, swimming pool, sauna combined in one membership.

Whatever the business model, many of these tennis club owners make the same mistakes. They have no idea how to structurally attract new customers and grow their turnover.

Many tennis clubs have been seeing their membership numbers decline for years and are aging to see if turnover is stagnating or declining and wonder why. Many tennis clubs have given up or have diversified their tennis club offer with other activities. For example, many have expanded their tennis club with other sports such as padel or pickleball in the hope of attracting new customers or retaining customers. 

Is this the right approach for the future? As a tennis club, are you going to grow enormously in membership numbers and turnover? What if the popularity of padel or pickleball decreases? Whether it is padel, pickleball, or tennis what you sell the exploitation model is the same. The challenge is also the same. Namely how to fill the courts and how to increase the maximum turnover per customer and per hour. 

First of all, it is understandable that tennis clubs are looking for solutions for their empty courts and, for example, choosing an addition to their existing offer. It is also clear that padel and pickleball are interesting for entrepreneurs because there are multiple padel/pickleball courts on a tennis court and therefore a higher turnover can be realized if you look purely at the court rental income. 

In order to grow your tennis club by at least 100K it is essential that you implement the following 5 points from the checklist into your business:

Checklist for tennis club owners: 

1) Provide a tailored offer. 
Tennis players can be divided into three groups. 1) Tennis players who come for the SOCIAL aspect. For them, tennis should be fun. The drink afterward is at least as important for them. 2) Tennis players who come for the PHYSICAL aspect. For them, tennis is a means to release themselves, to get rid of stress or tennis is just a fun way to stay fit and therefore healthy. 3) Tennis players who want to IMPROVE and mainly come to get better and learn. Of course, these target groups are not shielded in such a way that someone who mainly comes for the social aspect doesn't want to get better or someone who comes to get better doesn't also like to participate in a social event. What is important to realize is that these are the three target groups and that each club has to ensure that these three target groups are adequately catered for. For both recruitment and retention, it is essential that this is for each other. 

2) Ensure a continuous inflow of new " potential " customers. 
Every tennis club has to deal with inflow and outflow of clients and members. This is normal. However, what you want to realize is that more customers will be added than left and that the quality of your customers will improve. To realize this you need a plan of action. Every tennis club that wants to be successful has a plan that ensures a continuous inflow of new clients. So not one-time member recruitment or open day. NO a plan that ensures a weekly influx of new clients. 

3) Optimize your utilization 
Every entrepreneur is aware of the importance of an optimal occupancy rate. How can you divide your customers as optimally as possible over the week and the season and how do you ensure that your facilities/courts are full? Do you have precise insight into your occupancy demand and do you have a plan to improve this utilization rate and what does this yield? And what if you are already full what are the possibilities to spread this better and get more return on each court. 

4) Increase your income.
Running a commercial tennis club is no different than running another company. The goal is to grow and make a profit. However, many tennis clubs have not thought about an offer that you can expand with an upsell. Customers become members or rent a court or take tennis lessons or participate in an event or competition or tournament and that's it? Make sure you have a strategy that continuously increases your total turnover because your customers are satisfied and decrease more. If you sell something once like a membership, make sure there is still an upsell possible.

5) Customers as fans and promoters. 
Your current customers are your most important asset. Satisfied customers are happy to help you with your growth ambitions. A tennis club that has growth ambitions realizes that we live in a digital age where your customers have a huge reach. By optimally deploying your current clients as ambassadors and fans you can achieve enormous results in terms of growth and turnover at minimal costs. So invest in your current customers, offer optimal service, and ask your current customers for help in realizing your plans and reward them! 


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